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RFP 23 Posted







RFP 23 includes equipment and two circuits. All proposals are due by close of business (4:00 PM EST) Friday, May 24, 2019.

Download the RFP and Network Plan by going to and entering the following search criteria:

Fund Year: "2019"

HCP Number: "17268"

Find the posting date of 04/26/2019 and click "Details"

Review the PDF under "Request for Proposals" to ensure you are looking at RFP 23.

Contract must be signed and copies received by May 31, 2019 at the latest, but cannot be signed prior to the allowable contract sign date (May 25, 2019).  Equipment cannot be shipped or invoiced until after July 1, 2019.

Pricing Format:

Bidders must use our standard pricing format for broadband pricing (Section 9.2 equipment pricing may still be proposed in the bidder's own format):


Follow the instructions at the top of the spreadsheet.

Include the finished spreadsheet as a separate file within the electronic bid proposal copy.

Questions about the RFP can be emailed to us here. Any incoming questions and corresponding answers will be posted on this pag


Questions and Answers:

All questions must be submitted by email. Please thoroughly read the RFP before asking questions; your answer may be found within the RFP.

1. When submitting the Pricing Proposal for the Equipment, do we follow the Proposal Format outlined in 3.3? Many of the bullet points do not seem applicable if we are only proposing hardware for one entity on the bid.

A: You need to follow the bullet points which are applicable, in the order shown in the RFP. If you are only responding to equipment, some of these bullet points will not be applicable and therefore you don’t need to follow them (for example, the Description of Proposed Broadband Solution and/or Public Internet Service).

2. Section 3.9.2 states that all solutions must have HIPAA-compliant routes for data sharing. What does this mean?

A: This means any solution offered must be able to allow facilities to securely transmit confidential patient data in a manner which meets HIPAA standards. Vendors must meet the following requirements (source: Iron Mountain):

-Do your contracts address secure PHI and control its use and disclosure?

-What safeguards do you have in place to satisfy the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules?

-How do you document reporting of all HIPAA privacy and security incidents?

-Do you hold your agents and subcontractors to all restrictions and conditions of compliance?

-Can you provide the information you would need to respond to patient requests for “accounting of all disclosures”?

-Can you make all PHI-related records available if you’re audited?

-Will you return or destroy all PHI upon contract expiration or termination?

3. How is the RFP actually scored? Who makes the final decision on awarding contracts?

A: The RFP scoring process is a multi-step procedure. First, R-AHEC reviews each bid in its entirety and scores each vendor based on the Scoring Criteria found at the end of the RFP. R-AHEC then creates a proposal summary for each individual organization from the RFP, and sends that summary along with the responses and internal scoring sheet to each respective organization. Each organization then has a chance to score the bidders on their own. R-AHEC then meets with each organization to discuss the bids and select winners based on the organization's review and feedback. It is ultimately the organization's decision which bidder is selected.

4. As a bidder can we respond only to portions of the RFP, or must we respond to all requests?

A: You can choose to respond only to certain portions of the RFP if you wish. However, you must follow all the guidelines of the RFP, so it is important to thoroughly read the entire RFP to ensure you are complying with all provisions.