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Joining is easy.

There are three easy steps to join the network. The turnaround time is several months due to FCC/USAC (Universal Service Administrative Company) approval timelines, but the process is extremely simple. We do all the USAC paperwork for you.

Contact us for updated forms and more information!


1. Contact Us to Determine Your Eligibility:

The following forms are required to determine your eligibility. Once we have a signed Letter of Agency from you, we can submit it to USAC to determine if you're eligible. USAC ultimately determines eligibility. To predetermine if you might qualify, see the list of eligible facilities below these three steps.

Letter of Agency - click to view PDF
Participant Eligibility Form (for multiple facilities, you can use this: Multiple Participant Eligibility Form)

2. We Put You on an RFP:

Once you are determined eligible, we will work with you to find out what services of yours we can subsidize. We will then put those on an RFP for service providers to bid on. We can do this even if you are still under contract with them.

3. We Acquire Your Subsidy:

If you choose a winning service provider from the RFP and want to officially join our network to receive the subsidy, we will send you an agreement that includes a list of your facilities joining the network and the administrative fee due from each one.

Member Agreement - contact us for a current version

Here's a description of the membership fees that we'll charge to cover our costs:

Administrative Fees - click to learn more

Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for FCC subsidy, your organization must be non-profit and one of the following entity types:

          • Skilled Nursing Facility
          • Hospital
          • Rural Health Clinic
          • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
          • Outpatient Community Mental Health Center
          • Local Health Department
          • Post-Secondary Educational Institution (teaching hospitals and medical schools)
          • Dedicated ER of Rural, For-Profit Hospital

*This is not a definitive list, so contact us if you have any questions. Eligibility is determined by USAC.


Eligible & Ineligible Facilities

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