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Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center (R-AHEC)

The Western New York Rural Area Health Education Center (R-AHEC) is an independent non-profit, 501c(3) organization headquartered in Warsaw, New York, and serves as a networking hub to a rural 12-county region, covering over 10,000 square miles.  Our mission is "to improve health and healthcare through education.As a rural facilitation resource, R-AHEC creates community partnerships to educate and place healthcare professionals - doctors, nurses, dentists, technologists, and other allied health practitioners - in the underserved areas, addressing the health manpower needs of our rural communities.  R-AHEC, in partnership with State and Federal agencies, is also developing a rural healthcare technology infrastructure to bring access to quality healthcare, as well as healthcare education, training and workforce development in the rural communities of Western New York State.

  • Rural Healthcare Technology Infrastructure Development - The Western NY Rural Broadband Healthcare Network (WNY RBHN) is intended to enhance services to rural areas through telemedicine, imaging, and electronic health records by providing high speed broadband connectivity between urban healthcare facilities, academic centers, and rural healthcare facilities to enable applications for continuing education, clinical trials, measuring quality outcomes, and enhancing coordination of care.
  • Health Workforce Development - Recruitment, retention, and continuing education of healthcare workforce
  • Pipeline Programming for Youth - Initiatives that guide students in a given direction over an extended period of time.  Pipeline programming is designed to expose elementary, middle, and high school students to a variety of health career awareness programs and seeks to foster life-long interest in science and math.
  • Preceptor Development and Student Housing - R-AHEC operates a hospitality house located in Warsaw, dedicated to providing student housing for rural clinical rotations.  The William F. Thiel Hospitality House also offers housing for those in need during a healthcare crisis.

In addition to these core services, the WNY R-AHEC is involved with organizing upwards of twenty community-based projects at any given point in time. These projects vary in scope and focus and are designed to target specific community needs. Projects can range from 2-day career education camps for seventh and eighth graders to distance learning programs that support rural practitioners in improving women's health.

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